"My mother is dead, my father abused me, im forced to be in this metal body to stay alive, to breathe..."

Basic Information
Full Name SS RS
Age 235
Gender Male
Parents Abusive unknown Father (deceased)

Unknown Mother (desceased)

Siblings TBA
Spouse(s) None
Offspring None
Physical Attributes
Fur Color Uknown (Large Metal Suit blocks any existence of visible fur)
Hair Color Unknown
Eye Color Black
Species Magnucusion


SS RS is a character in TreeV Chronicles


SS RS has a large sphere head and a cubic-like body. And sports thin arms with circle hands. Despite the appearence, he is very strong and is about 3x the size of an ordinary htf.

He commonly resides near the abandoned school, often seen with Jane

Powers and AbiltiesEdit

  • Superhuman strength
  • Durability¬†
  • Resistant to Magical attacks
  • When killed, comes back alive and becomes immune to whatever killed him until killed by something else.


SS RS is a Magnucusion, a type of giant race that was exterminated by HTFs during the Tree Town era, prior to it, he was abused by his father with his mother trying to save him. Eventually when the htfs attacked their race, his mother ran while carrying him in his bruises, she was caught by the Tree Town soldiers and before being shot, she drops SS RS as a kid in a hole. After the raid and with all the species destroyed, young SS RS raised out of his hole and saw the horrors, even tearing.

After a few years, SS RS has gotten into a school where he was publicly bullied, it has been revealed that at his fathers death, he would be sent to a public school, this ultimately resulted in his injuries being too severe and was implemented a metal suit by a doctor. Eventually, this suit game him powers making him very strong.


  • He is the first and currently only non-htf character to be canon


Fan ArtEdit