Robo Star
Basic Information
Full Name Robo Star Unit #487
Age Unknown (presumed 130)
Gender Male
Occupation TBA
Parents Giorgio Lunedi's GG Grandfather (Builder)
Spouse(s) Clesta
Offspring Crystal, Robo Claire, Jennifer, Sola, Bree (daughters), James and Bruce (sons)
Physical Attributes
Fur Color Gray
Hair Color Unknown
Eye Color Black
Species AI Rabbit
"What'ya think I am? That typical 'beep-bop-boop-does-not-compute' robot?! Think again!"

-Robo Star; ???

Robo Star is a main character.

Characteristics and BiographyEdit

While a goofball in HTFF. RS is slightly more serious in TreeV Chronicles. He still tends to be a comic relief character. But has often made canon roles. In TreeV Chronicles, RS is actually deceased but has became a ghost and taken into a new robot suit, effectively controlling it.

By 4032, Robo Star was naturally dead, thus he took control over a new metal body. This new suit allows him new abilities and be able to utilize more gadgets.

Power and AbiltiesEdit

RS, when extremely enraged, will emit radiation, after emitting a lot of radiation. RS becomes extremely durable and strong, even capable of beating down Payton in a fight while extremely enraged. RS appears to be much more intelligent then in HTFF. Aswell as being one of the few characters knowing Payton's weakness. Overall RS sports:

  • Powerful usage of radiation when enraged
  • Durability
  • High-Level Intellect
  • Excellent usage of gadgets.