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Basic Information
Full Name Peppa 'Peppy' Lavender
Age 19
Gender Female
Occupation Waitress
Parents Catherine, Jack, (both deceased) Koi (adoptive, deceased)
Siblings June, (twin, status unknown) Tuna (adoptive, alive)
Spouse(s) Pancake (girlfriend, alive)
Offspring None
Physical Attributes
Fur Color Pale blue
Hair Color Pale blue and brown
Eye Color Black
Species Dog
"Shut your mouth. I had to work hard to get where I am now. I had to sacrifice things. Don't talk to me like I'm not worthy of getting this far."

-Peppa, ???

Peppa is a main character.

Characteristics and BiographyEdit

Peppa is a female light blue dog with brown paws, brown feet, and a brown tail. She wears a pink-and-black bandanna around her neck, and a pale grey dress with a pink ribbon tied around the waist. Most characters call her Peppy.

Peppa is cheerful and upbeat, but angered very easily. She is impatient, and does not tolerate people that make her wait. She often panics in bad situations and causes trouble to herself and those around her by ignoring everything and hysterically screaming.


"M-Mom? Dad?"

-Peppa, after finding the bodies of her parents.

Peppa was born into a rich family. They lived in a secluded area, a few hours away from a small town.

When she was 7, an earthquake struck her house and killed her parents. Peppa and her twin sister, June, miraculously survived, and ran away when they saw their parents' bodies. The siblings were found by a rescue helicopter a day later.

For a few years, Peppa and June lived in an orphanage. When both of them were 12, they were adopted by a woman named Koi. They became friends with their adoptive sibling, Tuna, and had a normal life until one day, the newly-15 Peppa awoke to see that Koi was attempting to stab June.

Peppa ran to June and saved her, but ended up killing Koi in the process. They didn't bother to wake up Tuna before they escaped from the house and hid for a year, the two dogs changing houses every week to avoid being caught. June and Peppa were eventually separated due to a neighbor getting suspicious, and neither sibling saw the other ever again.


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  • She may be Australian, as both her given name and surname are.
  • She has a history of terrible luck, as demonstrated multiple times on her origin. (Earthquake killing her parents, the death of Koi, etc.)