Charlie Venus Edmond
Basic Information
Full Name Charlotte Venus Edmond
Age 37
Gender Female
Occupation Multi-media Personality
Parents Fray, Reina
Siblings Adelaide, Christopher
Spouse(s) Timothy, Payton
Offspring Allen, Maximilian, Cheyenne, Alyssa
Physical Attributes
Fur Color White
Hair Color Platinum Blonde (natural), Meadow Green (dyed)
Eye Color Lavender
Species Wolf
"All I ever love."

-Charlie; ???

Charlotte is a main character.

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  • Often associated with cherries and the color red.
    • The color red has several meanings behind it. It's often been associated with lust and love. However, in a more deeper sense, red may be synonymous with 'sacrifice', although the origin of this relating to Charlie is unknown.
      • The color red is known to have strange psychological affects on animals. It, in some cases, causes them to turn violent and, even for the utmost of domesticated beasts, animalistic. This explains the reason why red is also associated with war.
    • The cherry has often been associated as the "sexual fruit" or even the "fruit of Eden" to which Eve convinced Adam to eat and caused their sin.
  • Name means "free man".
  • In Issue #5 of 'Charlie in Wonderland', it was seen that the paparazzi had posted an article about her and her instability. If you look closely, on the newspaper, a part of the writing under Charlie's picture could be made out to say "Charlie Venus Edmond, Age 36(?), has been reportedly seen-" and the rest is cut off by Charlie's chest.
    • In another issue, number unknown, a personal fan website states Charlie as, "22 years old".
  • Despite being married to Timothy, she soon saw herself fall in love with Payton and snuck away to marry him as well, leaving her with two husbands. One who she loves and one who she desires.